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I don’t recall seeing any other bike brand make big changes to their bikes other than Diamondback. Diamondback has done big things where their new Catch and Release models are concerned. What the brand from Kent, Washington, has managed to do is extraordinary. They were clearly able to successfully combine a new Level Link suspension platform that does have geometry that is well sorted along with components to completely renovate its line of bikes in one single model year. Do make sure to not make any mistakes about this. What this isn’t is a subtle type of update or the evolution of an already existing platform. It is something far more important. It’s a brand new frame-up from the ground bicycle design that does happen to place the Release at the very forefront of mountain bike technology.

The Release is clearly a vastly different feeling kind of a bike

Diamondback did hold a press conference in Santa Barbara, California, to officially launch these new bikes. I think, the last time that I did review a Diamondback, was when I did get the opportunity to ride the Mission Pro that was about a year ago to be exact. Despite the fact that the new Release has less wheel travel about it, it became instantly apparent to me that it was far more capable of a bike, and also that it was a bike that did have its own kind of feel that was different from that of any other bike.

This New Bike Design Was Three Years In The Making

The new bike design associated with the new Release was three years in the making. It was something that was made possible by the expiration of another existing patent. What was this patent? The expiration belonged to the Santa Cruz Virtual Pivot Point or VPP for short patent. Just like VPP and Intense JS Tuned suspension, Level Link does fully utilize short and dual counter rotating links that do create a floating instant type of center. What is the biggest of all visual differences?

It is something that is tied to Level Link’s lower linkage and the fact that it is much higher and inline with the chain perfectly. There is another key patent that is pending and this patent is all about having the upper link perfectly perpendicular to the lower link that is at sag. It is a key feature that Diamondback does say lets bump forces easily get to activate the suspension and be able to overcome pedaling forces for better traction and control during the process of pedaling. There is a very beefy 17mm lower, as well as, 15mm upper link hardware that is locked into place with collet-style bolts.

What Is The Weight of a Medium Frame With Shock?

The weight of a medium frame with shock is something that does weigh roughly about 7.6 pounds. This is a full pound less in weight than that of Diamondback’s previous lightest of all suspension frames. There is a boost width rear end that is paired to the shorter and higher link location that permitted Diamond back to be able to use chain-stays that only measure an amazing 16.7 inches. This bike is designed, as well as, outfitted with a travel fork of 150 mm that will yield a 66-degree head angle on it. There is also a longish sort of front center on the frame that is paired along with 780 mm wide handlebar and also a stubby 40mm stem. The Release also does have Blanchard rims that are custom-designed in every way by Diamondback. These Blanchard rims are custom-designed specifically for the bike itself. They have a 28 mm inner width that comes complete with an asymmetric design that is tubeless ready in description.

What can Diamondback Mountain Bike Reviews do? These reviews can do lots of things. First of all, they can help you decide which of the Diamondback mountain bike models do suit you best personally or professionally or a combination of both. Secondly, they can help you gain knowledge and insight into what is considered to be the very best from the rest mountain bikes that Diamondback does offer exclusively. Simple as that. They help get you to where you need to go.

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