Skateboarding And A Whole New Generation!

Skateboarding, as well as, the birth of the skateboard itself is something that has been around since the 1920s. This is right around the time when it first did all begin for skateboarding officially as a rule. Skateboarding did prove to be something that was slow in its own way to catch on at first. However, once it did, it surely did. It also did go on to spread like wild flowers over the side of a mountain. Throughout the entire span between the 1920s and 2012, it has managed to make a comeback, and turn into a real successful industry in its own right. Every time the industry did come back, it came back more extreme, over and over. Now, it is high time for the next generation to take over, which is a very good thing.

When did the first skateboard make its appearance in the world?

The very first skateboard did make its appearance in the 1920s. A three wheeled metal device was created between the 1920s and the 1930s. It was during the 1940s when the very first of the four-wheeled aluminum skateboards was made. In the 1950s, skaters were taking wheels and trucks, and putting them on to a plank of wood. These were completely homemade in detail.

In the 1960s, there came the introduction of the very first of its kind, and it was a manufactured skateboard. Val Surf, which is Southern California’s top surf shop, did start to make its very own complete skateboards. It was also the very first skateboarding retail shop to sell skateboards as well.

Kids started to call skating of this kind sidewalk surfing. What this sidewalk surfing did go on to influence was an awful lot and that included everything from maneuvers and styles to fashion and attitude. It really did help to kick the era off. Skateboarding did soon become something very popular and widespread. Companies did face a real dilemma at first just trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand as much as they could. There was also specialty magazines such as Surf Magazine and Skateboarding Magazine popping up everywhere as well. It was also during the 1960s, when the very first organized contest for skateboarding did come into being, and it was sponsored by Makaha and held in Hermosa, California. The Makaha was the very first professional model skateboard to ever be produced. The Makaha was a fiberflex first laminated board that was created with skaters totally in mind. Also, during this time, Anaheim, California did have the very first skateboard shoe factory and first known Skate Park.

By the 1970s, skateboarding did explode all over the place

As time moved on, pass the 1960s, the 1970s did witness skateboarding exploding literally all over the place. What does this mean? It means what it means. Skateboarding had become a big thing. It was the latest craze and the one thing that everyone did or did want to do to be honest. For the first time, they were urethane wheels,, which were made exclusively just to be used for skateboarding. These urethane wheels were Cadillac Wheels by Frank Nasworthy. About two years later after this, there was also, Road Rider skateboard wheels that did come out with their very own skateboarding wheels that did make use of precision bearings. It would be the thing to spell the end of the Cadillac Wheels for sure. The very first skateboard trucks that were all about skateboarding was Bennett Trucks by Ron Bennett. There was also much more skateboard hardware that was also created. Golf Wing Trucks, Stoker Trucks, for downhill skating, and Tunnel Products.

What are the best longboard brands?

The very best longboard brands are all those that aren’t just popular. They are also the ones that people do highly recommend for usage and do seem to like a whole lot. The like for these best longboard brands are expressed with lots of positive favor in many customer reviews.

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